Monday, 27 March 2017

Motto, Sounds like, Feels like, Looks like.


This is my motto sounds like feels like looks like. I put what i think learning is, what learning sounds like and what learning looks like and it also has a motto down the bottom. The motto is supposed to say Learning is like a ladder you always go up a step to reach the top but it couldn't fit anyways hope you like it. :)

The fabulous all you need to know Stroll

This is the Stroll it is a dance if you wanted to know it did take forever to make I hope you enjoy reading it. It also has a tutorial a description and a Intro. :)

Friday, 3 March 2017

Looking After My Chromebook

I had to write a set of instructions on how to look after my Chromebook. The purpose of writing this is to tell people to take care of it. We had to do this because people kept leaving there Chromebooks on the floor and not respecting there Chromebook. We all went in pairs and wrote a step each. At the end we got one of our step printed out and we put it on the wall. I had fun making my Chromebook instructions.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017


I recorded my Pepeha in Mic note it was the first time that I have used the application it was really fun.  I like it more than Wevideo and Screencastify. Why you ask because its much easier to use and its really fun and also people don't have to look at your face the whole entire video people just starring at your face.