Friday, 16 March 2018

Maths Work Week 6

For Maths our Teacher wanted us to upload our maths work.
So I made a slide for maths work for week 6. This is all the tasks I had to do.
I hope you enjoy looking at what kind of maths I have to learn.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Powtoon about Volcanoes

This is my powtoon I made about Volcanoes.
The app Powtoon that I used is a really recommended app, it's a good app to use to present your work
It's really easy and good to use. 
I hope you enjoy have a great day. :)

Wither Blackbell and the Car crash.

Car Crash “Hello..... Is anyone here, Grandfather?” asked Wither Blackball walking into a old barn. She walked around pressing her fingers against every box, looking around amazed. “I love this barn”. “It’s historical” she added. “I’d love this as a home” she sighed. _If only Mother didn’t live in a city penthouse in the middle of a gigantic city with cars tooting past as you looked down at the road._ Wither thought. “Come on Wither!” her Mother said beeping her horn of her Ford Pinto. “ Give up Wither your Grandfather went missing when he was said to be attacked by a bunch of raging goats” she said handing me a yellow piece of paper that read “Missing in action”. “He’ll be alive you just wait and see” Wither huffed as she hopped in the car. As they drove off towards the sunset Wither peered back at the old red barn that sat on the large green hill that took up the farm.“Kid, why you always got to be so mysterious, mischievous. You’re always looking for trouble, wanna be a detective.... well to bad you won’t be I want you to be a doctor my girl, not a curious detective. You will never be a detective.... ever. You will be a doctor- “Watch out!” I said moving my head down. Mum skidded the car into the curb dodging another car that was heading there way. My head felt sore. I touched my head and felt a big bump, I looked in the wing mirror that hung onto our car. I could see the bump, it was huge. I put my hands to my head. A tear fell out of my eye as I looked over at Mum. She had her head against the wheel. Her head was on the horn and it was beeping non stop. People we’re running over to my window with shopping bags in their hands. I shook her. “Mum!” I said looking at her with tears rolling down my eyes. She didn’t move . As I was looking at her, my nose all snotty my face red tears down my eyes someone reached their hand in through the window to lift up my Mum’s head. There was blood trickling down her face. “No! Mother why, why!” I said howling attracting more people. It’s okay sweet Wither. Your Mother will be able to visit me, Your Grandpa. I heard.

This is yet another story I wrote. It's more of a horror I guess.
The purpose was to Scare and Narrate.
The audience is My friends and people who like horror stories.
This is a very short story.

Below Earth 2

                                                           Below Earth 2
 The voice from behind was a Man. He tried to grab hold of Gemini before she jumped off to follow Libra down to death. Gemini and Libra were still falling, down and down and down. Deeper into the earth, as they fell the lava transformed slowly into water. “Oh Greatness!” said Gemini hitting the water. “Cool right” said Libra submerging into the water. But as they were swimming off further Gemini noticed the Man. “Libra, who’s that” said Gemini bobbing up and down in the water and pointing to a Man standing on the edge crying. “Oh my Greatness!” cried Libra looking at the man. “Dad!” she cried swimming back to the rocks. “Libra, Libra” cried who seemed to be Libra’s dad. “Jump” said Gemini happily. “I can’t” said Libra’s father looking down at the water in fear. “Do it!” said Libra, “for me” she added. “No!” he said furious. “Calm down, calm down” said Gemini looking up at him sadly. Libra’s father knew he should jump but with a fear of heights he wasn’t up for it. So he walked off sadly leaving Libra and Gemini stranded in the water. “Your Dad” said Gemini looking at Libra worriedly. “ I know he has a- but before Libra could finish her Dad came running up the dirt path. “Dad!” said Libra looking surprised. He jumped off the ravine. His face was red and he was screaming. “I’m going to be extinct from this world” he said landing under the water and hitting the bottom. As he rose up from being under water the Earth started to shake. “Libra!” screamed Gemini clinging to her. “It’s OK Gemini” said Libra stroking her hair. “ Before we-we get- ah- ex-tinct, i’m Taurus said Libra’s father shaking Gemini’s hand. “Hello, I’m Gemini” said Gemini with fear. “I miss my Father, his name was Leo and Mum’s name was…. Pisces” howled Gemini. “It’s fine!” shouted Libra and Taurus over the loud rumbling of the Earth falling apart. “I love you!” shouted Libra. “ I love- started Taurus and Gemini but before they could finish, the Earth came crashing down onto them. “Ah!” screamed Gemini waking up from her sleep. “Dad?.... Mum?” Gemini said. This isn’t home thought Gemini looking around the empty building. A man and a girl came rushing over to me. “Libra! Taurus” shouted Gemini surprised. “This is the Earth” said Libra. “Now” said Taurus looking at Gemini.


Below the Earth

                                                                  Below Earth 1
Deep down in the earth, all is quiet, all is dark, nothing moves until a little girl unhurriedly peeped around the corner of a rock. “Mum?” she said softly peering around the dark damp empty space which was once Earth. “Mum!” she howled sucking her thumb. She heard a loud sound coming from further down. She screamed loudly scared of the noise. But just as she did she felt a hand wrap around her face and cover her mouth. The grip was so strong, so painful. “Quiet!” yelled someone pulling her back against the grubby dirt . She tried to scream for help but she knew there was no one else deep down in the earth. The person holding her tightly let go of her sharply making sure she wasn’t armed. “Please don’t harm me I did nothing” said 8 year old Gemini Zalback looking at the young girl who had almost killed her.

 “Nonsense, there’s someone else down here we have to make a move” The young girl said tugging at Gemini’s hand. “ How old are you? What’s Your Name? What year is it again? Gemini kept on questioning taking of off the girl’s fingers off her wrist one by one. “I’m Libra, i’m 12 years old, and it’s year 2089” said Libra irked and grasped tight of Gemini’s hand and pulled her further on down deeper into the Earth. “Why are we going towards the noise?” Gemini questioned nervously. But Libra didn’t reply instead she just continued sprinting . “ Please slow down” puffed Gemini tiredly. They came to a ravine. Lava was sitting at the bottom. “Jump!” shouted Libra jumping off the edge. So Gemini jumped. “No!” screamed a voice from behind!”

For our writing our teacher gave us an interesting story stater. The story starter was Deep down in earth, all is quiet, all is dark, nothing moves until.....
The purpose was to narrate.
The audience I recommend would be people interested in adventure.
I hope you enjoy my Book. Below Earth.

Friday, 2 March 2018

3 States of Matter

Did you know that the particles in gases are further apart than the particles in liquid? That is what we learnt. The animation that me and my friend Loveleen did. The animation represents the 3 common states of matter, Liquid, Gas, and solid. I hope after watching this animation you learnt something out of it. I'm glad if you did.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Whanaungtanga Korawai

This is the front and back of my Whanaungtanga Korawai. On the front is a picture I drew and colored in, it represents where I come from and a picture of me stuck on the Korawai to make it look like i'm in it and then we glue on our pepeha ( which is  basically a Maori all about me. On the back it has feathers I wrote on, dyed and then glued them on my Korawai. On the feathers I wrote my skills, what I care most about, one thing from last year I'd like to change, I feel good when someone says I'm.... and so on. We also drew Maori patterns around our border and then we cut out 3 strips of brown paper and plaited the paper, we then glued the plaited brown paper on our Korawai's and that was the back done.
The Korawai's took a few days to finish.