Monday, 27 November 2017

Kaikoura Earthquake

A year on from the Kaikoura Earthquake said to be a 7.8 quake, the town's harbour was re-opened and ceremonies were held, parts of the South island are more than 5m closer to the North island.  New research was also revealed.

A study led by GNS is being published in the Journal Science.
The roads were crushed and drivers were unable to get to the town’s harbour before it reopened around the months  December to February

The Earthquake occurred on the 14th of November 2016 at exactly 11:02 PM.

From Kaikoura to Cape Campbell, the Earth was pushed closer to the North Island, as well as several metres higher in various places.

The Earthquake ruptured along a record 21 faultlines.At Least 12 major crustal faults were involved, as well as nine lesser faults.

It’s now reopened and as normal as it used to be apart from the cracks and ruptures it made.

By Ruby and Kaleece.

This is a news report I wrote with my friend with Kaleece. It's about Kaikoura Earthquake

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Ruby's 3D Printing-Phone Case

This is my phone case I made on tinkercad. It was really challenging because we had to make all the holes in the phone. It was still quite  fun though.The first thing we had to do was make a box the size of a phone. Then we took the  chamfer edges and turned them into  fillets  to do that you needed to get a box shape and get a Cylinder-hole and then put it in the right place to make a corner then group and you will have a corner then duplicate the corner x 4 and put it on all the edges.  Chamfer and Fillets are when you have a sharp edge and you turn it into a round edge. It was now in the shape of a phone case.
After we made it look like a phone case we put all the holes in it. But it needed a hole to put the phone in. So then I made the edges on mine and I was done. The most easiest part(By the way I haven’t done it yet) was to print it. Because the machine did the printing for you apart from the fact that it might not work./fillets.The hardest part was making all the holes because you had to find out where all the holes would go and how to put them.  My phone case wasn’t exactly the best and would probably only fit an ipod but it was still worth it. The experience was fun but challenging which was a good thing in my Case!-get it CASE!

By Ruby.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Grandparents Day

   My Grandparents
My Grandparents, I have 3 grandparents, My Nanny my Nana and my step poppa( I mean if that counts) My closest grandparent is my Nana I go to my Nana’s Monday Tuesday Wednesday. That’s why we are going to base this story on my Nana. I’m not 100 percent sure how old she is… but i think she’s in her 70’s and she is about 73-74. Now my Nana is very nice to me she always gives me ginger crunches cherry bunches… just kidding. I get pies,hotdogs,crackers,juice, cookies, pizza and who knows(well me of course but yeah) Now let’s get on to important stuff. .She doesn’t really have a huge history, well if she does how am i supposed to know? Now she was married to my favorite poppa well um i only knew him for a year. He died and it was tragic for my brother because my brother loved  my poppa so much.  Anyways asides from the pies and hotdogs and all things nice my nana can be quite of a boss sometimes but I still like her soo much.

By Ruby
This is a story I wrote For my Nana on Grandparents day.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Waiting for you

Everyone in the room is laughing but me I feel ashamed. Does this is even sound true “ And then ah then I saw him pop out the bush with a knife wearing a-a…. Oh a clown costume yeah yeah” when I say it now it doesn’t sound right. Well if you think about it, it kind of does no, no it doesn’t sound right.
There is a cute girl in my class and I can’t keep my eyes off her, she has shiny green hazel eyes and the softest hair. I just love her, and knowing that she is laughing at me is horrible. I try to make myself sound realistic but it doesn’t sound anything like a true horror story. I feel terrible I see a glimpse outline of a man outside. Realising it was the principal laughing to my teacher peering through my window makes me shiver. I step back and feel a teardrop roll down my pale white cheek. I’m Realizing I look stupid and run out of class.
When I get home I feel a horrible pain in my stomach. I start to shiver hopping into bed making it clear i’m stupid. I have dreams no nightmares horrible ones I can’t explain. “Mum”! Wait no nevermind I don’t have a Mum she’s… ah what am I saying. I should stop before I… no… ah …. No. I looked out the window, the same forest I always saw in my little shack with my ever so horrible stepmother who has $0.0 dollars. I don’t even know how I got into school. My parents are dead and I hate my stepmother, Rather be fostered than live with that ugly thing.
In class I felt anxious about my worry. I tried to slip it out of my ear but what a idiot I am… I wish I could change my life my DUMB STUPID LIFE! And good for me I said that out loud in class… and the girl I liked started at me and cried… but… AHHH IM STUPID her name is Life.. thats right, Life Antios thats her name. I started shedding tears and ran out.. Out of school to nowhere to the forest where no one saw me. I saw the shack and ran straight past I found an old shed. Took one step inside, and when I did it made me vibrate, shake, shiver and then my phone rang. I didn’t know who it was, someone with the name tag- Unknown. Anxiously I threw my phone up against my ear and listened to the words “ waiting for you” I screamed and chucked the phone to the floor.
I couldn’t work out what to do. There was no lock. Oh well anyone can take me i’m free I don't care. So with savageness I took the pen out of my pocket and wrote on a piece of wood and wrote “ OI get out of here idiots”. Meh I don’t care anyways you can do what you what you want to do to me, I wrote in tiny letters in the bottom of the wood. I didn’t think them ugly idiots would see. A few hours later I got into bed, It’s 3 am when i wake. My  room is dark, but I can see that there is someone, standing at the foot of my bed. I can just make out that he or she is wearing a clown costume, and I am pretty sure, from the glare and the little bit of reflection, that it has a knife. I need to scream but I don’t think I can. I cry harder than I ever had. Caught up in the moment  I think a little wet patch stained my pants,. Oh god, At this moment I wanted a monster to come up and eat me from out of the floor. I waited and waited… nope nothing happened. I waited a second later the outline standing at the foot of my little bed in the shed…………………….. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. My stomach turned upside down and started doing cartwheels. Stop I shouted! The clown neared closer i moved back and banged my head on the creaky bed…. Waiting for you he shouted!

Gurjeeya- Helped fix mistakes,gave ideas
Ruby- Author
Music to listen to when you read paragraph 5 and 6
This is a story I wrote and now this is in maori

Ko nga tangata katoa i roto i te ruma e kata ana, engari e whakama ana ahau. He pai tonu tenei "Na, ka kite ahau ia ia e puta mai ana i te ngahere ki te maripi e mau ana i-a .... Aue he korokoro tawhito "i taku korero inaianei kaore e tika ana. He pai ki te whakaarohia e koe, kaore e pai, kaore e pai ana.
He kotiro ataahua kei roto i taku akomanga, a, kaore e taea e ahau te titiro atu ki a ia, he kiri kanapa matomato me te makawe maeneene. Te aroha nei ahau ki a ia, me te mohio kei te kata ia ki ahau he mea whakawehi. E ngana ana au ki te whakaari tika i ahau engari kaore i te tangi tetahi korero paku. Kei te wehi ahau kei te kite ahau i tetahi tuhi o te tangata i waho. Ma te mohio ko te tumuaki te kata ki taku kaiako e titiro ana i roto i taku matapihi ka whakaheke ahau. Ka hoki atu ahau ka kite i tetahi taatro huri i raro i taku paparua maamae ma. Kei te mohio ahau he wairangi ahau, ka rere atu i te akomanga.
Ka tae ahau ki te kainga ka kite au i te mamae nui i roto i toku kopu. Ka tīmata ahau ki te whakaheke i te whara ki te moenga e whakaatu ana he kuware ahau. He moemoea ahau kahore he whakawehi whakawehi e kore e taea e au te whakamarama. "Mama"! Tatari kia kore e whakaarohia e kore au he Mum ... he aha taku e korero ana. Me mutu ahau i mua i ... kore ... ah .... Naku. I titiro atu ahau i te matapihi, ko taua ngahere e kitea tonu ana e ahau i roto i taku riihi iti me taku tupuna tupuna nui rawa nei, he $ 0.0 nga moni. Kaore au i te mohio ki taku haere ki te kura. Kua mate oku matua, ka kino ahau ki taku kuia, Engari kia pai ake i te noho ki taua mea kino.
I roto i te akomanga, i pouri ahau mo taku manukanuka. Ua tamata vau i te iriti i te reira i roto i to◊u tari'a, eaha rв te haavare ore ... Te hinaaro nei au e nehenehe ta◊u e taui i to'u oraraa i to◊u oraraa DUMB STUPID LIFE! He pai ki a au ka mea ahau i roto i te akomanga i roto i te akomanga ... a ko te kotiro i hiahia ahau i tīmata ki ahau, ka tangi ... engari ... AHHH IM STUPID ko tona ingoa Ko Life .. e tika, Life Antios e tona ingoa. I tīmata ahau ki te huri i nga roimata me te rere atu. I waho i te kura ki tetahi wahi ki te ngahere i te mea kahore tetahi i kite ia au. I kite ahau i te koroka me te rere tonu i muri i kitea e ahau he tawhito tawhito. Ka tae tetahi taahiraa i roto, a, no te mea i hanga e ahau i hanga e ahau vibrate, ruiruu, aukati a ka waea toku waea. Kihai ahau i mohio ko wai ia, he tangata kei te ingoa ingoa- Kei te mohio. Mahue noa taku waea ki toku taringa, whakarongo ana ki nga kupu "e tatari ana ki a koe" ka karanga au, ka peke i te waea ki te papa.
Kaore e taea e au te mahi i nga mea hei mahi. Kahore he kati. Ka pai te tangata ki te tango i ahau kia kore noa ahau e pai ana. No reira, na te revageness i tango atu au i te pene i roto i taku putea, ka tuhituhi i runga i tetahi rakau, ka tuhituhi "OI ka puta atu i konei nga kuware". Meh E kore au e whai whakaaro ki nga huarahi ka taea e koe te mahi i ta koe e hiahia ai ki a au, i tuhituhi atu ahau ki nga reta iti i raro o te ngahere. Kihai ahau i whakaaro ko nga waahi kino e kite. I etahi haora i muri ka tae ahau ki te moenga, Ko te 3 i te wa ka oho ahau. He pouri toku ruma, engari ka taea e au te kite kei reira tetahi e tu ana i raro i toku moenga. Ka taea e au anake te korero kei te kakahu ia i te kakahu taraihi, a he tino mohio ahau, mai i te maru me te iti o te whakaaroaro, he maripi tena. Me karanga au engari kaore au e whakaaro. Ko taku tangi nui atu i taku i kite ai. I tukuna i roto i te wa e whakaaro ana ahau kua whakakakahuhia e toku pirini tetahi pungarehu iti. Aue, e te Atua, I tenei wa ka hiahia ahau kia haere mai tetahi kaimaka ki te kai i ahau mai i te papa. I tatari ahau, ka tatari ... kahore he mea i tupu. I tatari ahau i te rua o muri mai i te taatai ​​e tu nei i te taha o toku moenga iti i roto i te waihanga ........................ .. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Ka huri toku kopu ki raro, ka timata ki te hanga i nga kaaera. Kati taku hamama! Ka neke atu te pungarehu ka neke atu ahau ka pakaru i toku mahunga ki runga i te moenga moenga .... Ko te tatari mo koe ka hamama!

Gurjeeya- I awhinahia te whakatika i nga hapa, i homai whakaaro
Ruby- Kaituhi
Waiata hei whakarongo ki a koe i te parakalapa 5 me te 6

This is a horror story I wrote it's lesson to learn is things are real wheither they come out sounding untrue or not they could be real watch out.

Maori Counting

For the past week or so we have been working and learning on how to count in Maori,
To show our learning we created a visual representation that can be used in class. I made a spinning wheel. 
I learn't how to count in Maori( I already knew some) I could only fit 8 numbers on. Tahi Rua Toru Wha Rema Onu Whitu Waru.
You just spin the wheel and count to the number.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Warren Pohatu Fantail Art

For about a week or two. We choose our animals and I choose to do a fantail. I made it light shades
of cold colors. It went really well with the fantail. My patterns were from Warren Pohatu. Warren Pohatu is a Maori illustrator.